Free app that lets you carry your loyalty cards in your phone.
Never worry about losing your cards or losing out on rewards from your favourite stores anymore.
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Where did
it all start?
Kooki was born out of the belief that paper loyalty card programmes aren't as effective as they could be.
Paper cards are a pain for consumers to keep and make for bulky wallets! And they don't offer businesses a clear way of identifying their most loyal and influential customers.

So we've come up with a great solution to these problems - digital loyalty cards!

If you're a consumer, it saves space in your wallet and means you'll never have to worry about losing your cards and losing out on rewards from your favourite stores.
And if you're a business, it helps you to record and reward your top customers - and provides you with the perfect way to turn casual consumers into loyal ones. You can even assess the performance of your loyalty programme and find out how to make it even better.

We're all about creating the best solutions for both consumers and businesses, and are looking forward to building up our own loyal band of users with you.
Contact page: We're always looking to improve, so let us know what you think! Any comments, ideas or compliments, this way please!
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